Artist Statement


Humans are naturally social creatures that need to interact and communicate. This imperative is overpowering and inescapable. For me, painting and drawing wasn’t completely satisfactory in forming the language communication. No matter what medium I chose or how long I spent rendering the work it always felt stagnant and flat like a lake during low tide.
Sculpture, on the other hand managed to flush out the flat, stagnant lake and breathe new life into my ability to communicate. My fascination with life draws me to a broadened awareness of the varying life forms that live in and around me, big and small. This includes the environment that supports these life forms and how crucial the condition of the environment is to the life forms’ existence.
My selection of materials has been influenced strongly by my awareness of this, thus becoming a very significant component to my work. Therefore the appearance that is organic and environmental reflects the conscious and environmentally friendly decisions including the use of recycled materials that are invested in the creation process.


An internal and mysterious passion drives my obsession to dissect the information, opinions and judgments forced by outside influences across the world. These influences are so overwhelming at times that they begin to suffocate my own thoughts, opinions and judgements. This creates a tangled and convoluted dark cloud of voices in my head preventing me from hearing or seeing anything clearly.
The process of sifting through the dissected pieces of information is quite timely and exhausting. Consequently, I have decided to explore these notions of distress caused by this influx of information, within my artist practice.
These sculptural works stem from the very ground we walk on and beneath the soil, taking on the organic form of plant roots. White in colour, extremities sprouting from all directions tangled and tightly bound together.


All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney.
Some dreams are fleeting, some dreams are reoccurring and some dreams are life long. Each dream can be just as important as the next dream.
The only way of defining the certainty of this is by collaboration and documentation. Exposing this documentation travels beyond a life long understanding – it creates the immortality of the dream that becomes its legacy.
My vision revolves around my artistic practice growing into an everlasting interaction and discussion with and between people. My desire is to create art that purges the doubt and confusion of being, and replaces it with the awareness of being, creating a safer, cleaner space where people can fill themselves with laughter and joy.


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